Remodeling and extension of the Mediterranean Walk of Altea Competition

Friday 1, June 2018

Projects presented to Remodeling and extension of the Mediterranean Walk of Altea Competition, Alicante

The authors of the 8 proposals presented are the following:

1.- Vicente Iborra + Iván Capdevilla (Architects PLAYstudio) and Enmanuel Esquiva (Civil Engineer CAUCESA). See panels presented HERE

2.- Francisco Leiva (Architect) from TERRITORIO ARANEA. (without permission for publication of panels)

3.- Francisco Marco Lifante, (Architect) and Antonio L. Marco Avendaño (Civil Engineer) from A-INGENIA. See panels presented HERE

4.- Enrique Esteve + Inmaculada Pérez (ArchitectS CURVICS) from SUITEL DESIGN. See panels presented HERE

5.- Andrés Laporta (Architect), José Antonio Rivera (ITOP), Iván Rivera (Civil Engineer) and Vicente Soler (Technical Architect) from SRS CONSULTORES. See panels presented HERE

6.- Pedro Luis Palencia and Estela Sanchís (Architects) with CAINUR. See panels presented HERE

7.- Alexandre Marcos Olivares (Architect AMO ARCHITECTURAL OFFICE) and Jaime Alonso (Civil Engineer INGEMED). See panels presented HERE

8.- Joaquín Alvado Bañón (Architect) and Miguel Angel Crespo Zaragoza, (Civil Engineer GUIA CONSULTORES). See panels presented HERE

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