PS paisea

PS paisea is a monographic landscape digital magazine, which every two months studies in detail a landscape architecture project, publishing the result online for free.

Each issue of PS paisea focuses on a single project, studying it thoroughly, from the first ideas to its execution. In the case of small-scale projects, the issue will showcase up to 3 designs.

This will allow to show how in landscape architecture, even the seemingly simple interventions can be relatively complex.

It allows to get to know the landscape architecture interventions in all its variables and throughout all its layers, achieving to appreciate the final result.

Furthermore, each issue includes an assessment. It is a text written with the purpose of offering complementary visions to those offered by the authors of the project, to narrate the landscape experience already lived and to highlight, from a subjective point of view, the most interesting aspects of each intervention.  

As it was done with the magazines paisea and paiseaDos, pspaisea is published in Spanish and English, in order to reach all those interested, in Spain and in other countries both. 

Each two months an issue will be released, that is to say, 6 issues a year.

Below you can free download the numbers published so far.

PSpaisea #8 PSpaisea #7 PSpaisea #6
PSpaisea #5 PSpaisea #4 PSpaisea #3
PSpaisea #2 PSpaisea #1  

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