Challenges Towards Future Cities Day

Sunday 24, June 2018

Challenges Towards Future Cities Day Re-thinking cities, Valencia, Spain

A day of lectures and workshops with the best worldwide references in sustainable urban development.

The vast increase of world population during recent decades has led to enormous urban growth causing a huge list of problems, to the extent which the balance of the planet and the quality of life for people has been put at risk.

This global challenge has caught the attention of public policies and actions. Amongst them, the European Union and United Nations, which have established challenges and priority objectives in order to act in a sustainable manner and build cities where citizens can enjoy a decent quality of life, generating shared prosperity and social stability without causing further harm to the environment.

This event originated from an intention to focus on re-thinking cities for people, sharing knowledge and best practices about urban developments, and generate understanding on how technical areas can really generate a positive impact on people’s quality of life by generating more sustainable, healthy, resilient and socially cohesive cities.

+info and registration for the day: HERE


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