X International Biennial of Landscape Architecture

Monday 12, February 2018

International Biennial of Landscape Architecture: Performative nature. Barcelona, Spain

The X Landscape Biennial of Barcelona, ​​”Performative nature” (2018), is claimed as a catalyst for doubts, as a driver of illusions and changes in the field of Landscaping, under circumstances in which disciplines Territorial and cultural oscillations between the sober and the emergency. It is in the face of the concern to find new ways of action, to explore perhaps inhospitable fields, to rethink old beliefs, or to ensure certain sensitivities necessary, that this edition of the contest is convened, to be present in the discussion of what It must be the Landscape now in an international context, to foresee a plausible future and, why not, exciting. Consequently, the Biennial has reviewed the scope and formats, formulas, concepts and objectives of the discipline, while critically contemplating itself as a living platform of Landscaping and watchtower movements in international Landscaping.

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