Botanical landscapes Competition

Friday 11, December 2020

Botanical landscapes Competition, a trip to botany with Carlo Bertero in Santa Vittoria d’Alba. Italy

The redevelopment project that is the object of the contest aims to focus on the extraordinary figure of the botanist Bertero, allowing to combine the intervention of a type of localized landscape, with a value of cultural, educational and historical research, which allows botanical gardens to have a life of their own beyond of the central landscape aspect itself.

The central theme of the contest is the repair and redesign of the path that leads from the railway station to the concentric, creating a panoramic balcony overlooking the Roero. This path will be created in a way that allows pedestrian use of the panoramic points and will be integrated with green areas with views of neighboring landscapes characterized by gardens and crops containing different plantations (aromatic herbs, medicinal plants, vegetable and fruit crops, and wine-growing). of ancient tradition) in respect of the agricultural vocation of the territory.

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