Enge seafront redesign Competition

Thursday 26, November 2020

Enge seafront redesign Competition. Zurich. Switzerland

The city of Zurich is planning to modernize the seafront, which is now largely occupied by parking spaces, partly from property EN2568 in Zurich-Enge. By relocating the parking spaces to the new building on the Mythenquai 20-28 property, there is the possibility to considerably expand the free space and fundamentally redefine the promenade. In the course of this, a climate-ecological design and improvement will be carried out.

Compelling design proposals are sought for a place with a port atmosphere and a high quality of stay on the lake that meet the various requirements and importance of location. The new construction of a kiosk and an underground seawater center (pump station) will be integrated into the design.

Registration before Friday, November 27, 2020.

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