Article 02.017

Thursday 14, July 2016

Article 02.017

Article 02, paisea 017. Urban arcadias. Contemporary interpretations of the historical park | Dario Álvarez

Giulio Carlo Argan, in his book The concept of architectural space1, describes the change that took place in the 17th century from the “representation” of space in the Renaissance to the “determination” of the Baroque, which led to a change, in Argan’s words, from the “architecture of composition” to the “architecture of formal determination”. This important change marked the beginning of the search for the identity of modern space which was experimented with in the parks of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries (from the limitless absolutist park to the supposedly natural bourgeois park, and finally the popular urban park), conceived not just as places of pleasure but also as laboratories for the investigation of form and function, and which opened up new directions which paved the way for modern landscape architecture.


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