winners 1st Santa & Cole Landscape Competition

Tuesday 5, October 2010

on 1 October in La Pedrera, Barcelona, were announced the winners of the first edition of the Santa & Cole Landscape Architecture Competition.

Here are the winning proposals.


Can Conex by Nereda Gutiérrez Meco, Francisco Mesonero Manzanares, Daniel García Lopez, Sara Jimenez Cabré and Francisco Toledo García.

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The use of rural estates has been changing over recent decades. Parc de Belloch is a clear example of this. Our proposal is inspired by a reinterpretation of the Masia as a self-management and operating unit respectful with the territory and the environment.
We intervene to CONNECT, to solve the points with the greatest friction between territory and use. We base this on what already exists to form a hierarchical order and on what is introduced to improve the quality of the space. It all belongs to a system which feeds back on itself.
This idea is transmitted through the different PATHS which provide the backbone of our idea, understanding a path to be the instrument which allows us to restore, repair and fit out the space to be designed for the project’s different users and ecological goals.

Tros by Sergi Carulla Altadill, Oscar Blasco Lázaro, Lorenzo Majer, Sergio Sanna and Inés Martinez de Albornoz.

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The overall aim of the project is to reform the territorial continuities, to relate the estate to the landscape to which it belongs, ceasing to operate as an independent entity because of its activity, to increase its biodiversity, to act on erosive effects and to equip it with a greater capacity for transformation.
Work is basically carried out by rethinking the routes, the topography (slopes) which makes them up and the vegetation which stabilizes them. The intervention is intended to give the nursery unity, considering it from the logic of the valley to which it belongs. We do not talk about “naturalizing” the system, but rather of putting processes in action which can work by themselves.

Special mention

Landscape Acupuncture by Sara Maillefer and Nurit Gil.

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Starting from the context, the project’s orientations implement a series of small interventions aimed at improving the qualities of the site, a sort of “landscape acupuncture” intended to assert the importance of the landscape and to create an awareness of the wealth of the location. The intervention has focused on linking existing places and routes, creating new connections and establishing interesting observation places, and promoting the site’s biodiversity and ecology, through the introduction of new plant communities, water management and an attenuation of the presence of human traces.
Considered as a whole, with the idea of promoting the location’s resources and of optimizing the economy of the project, discreet action is taken on specific issues to guarantee the maximum quality of the sphere of action.

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