10 years of paisea, landscape architecture magazine.

paisea Each issue there are a number of regular sections: built, unbuilt and past project, landscape architecture competitions, university projects, a green section and a more open section called cult landscape. Alongside these there are a number of articles related to the theme of each issue.

paisea 033 public urban spacepaisea 032 urban park 3paisea 031 the square 2
paisea 030 green corridorspaisea 029 pedestrian scapespaisea 028 small scale
paisea 027 representationpaisea 026 waterfrontspaisea 025 green-roof
paisea 024 waterscapespaisea 023 great scalepaisea 022 playscapes
paisea 021 the street 2paisea #020 cultural landscapespaisea #019 corporative garden
paisea #017 urban park 2paisea #016 scars
paisea #015 urban furniturepaisea #013 by night
paisea #006 graphic design in landscapepaisea #005 architecture in the landscapepaisea #004 the street
paisea #003 domestic gardenpaisea #002 urban parkpaisea #001 land/sea


paiseaDos review which focuses on a different country in each issue. Published in Spanish and English, 144 pages.

It aims to offer a global vision of the situation of landscape architecture in each country. 10 significant landscape architects and 3 young, emerging landscape architects are selected. The issue contains two long articles describing the history and idiosyncrasies of the country and the evolution and present situation of landscape architecture there.

paiseaDos Nº2 EE.UU. Costa Este 

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