027 representation 2



Thoughts about drawing| Noël van Dooren
Composed projects of Yves Brunier| Sebastien Penfornis
Representation and Project| Matteo Zamagni
Behind Linné’s Herbarium Cabinet| VOGT landschaftsarchitekten AG



– RCR arquitectes.
– Ecosistema urbano.
– Grupo Aranea.
– Doxiadis+.


– Manuel Ocaña.
– Smaq.
– LEON11 – Diana Hernández.


– Michel Desvigne.
– Latitude Nord.
– Rosa Barba.


– Pola
– Fieldworks & Strategies
– Atelier Le Balto
– Estudio Agraph


-Giulia Manenti.

cult landscape

The lost city. Clara Nubiola

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