paiseaDos 04 germany

germany, a country of change
urban landscape planners and landscape architects: the evolution of the profession in germany

1 outstanding teams


park on the gleisdreieck

büro kiefer

allerpark for the state garden festival 2004
open spaces at biosphärenhalle

häfner / jimenez

reorganization of the town center
from a closed landfill to an open “energy hill”

latz + partner

havenwelten – transformation and new development of the old and new harbour
administrationcomplex soka

lützow 7

spreebogen government district
rabet district park


surroundings of the festival hall messe
new building for the headquarters of t-mobile deutschland gmbh

st raum a

federal environment agency
solar valley factory

topotek 1

national garden show schwerin 2009 / water shore garden
railway cover in theresienhöhe

valentien + valentien

urban development trade fair city riem
bavarian environment agency

wes & partner

gap 15 and graf-adolf-platz

2 emerging teams

club l94

site of the nebra sky disc. landscaping of mittelberg hill


berlin wall monument


schmalkalden’s historic city centre

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