018 landscape & art



nature as a work of art | juan calduch


001 dimitri xenakis. aubervilliers. france
002 NIPPaysage. montreal. canada
003 GORA art&lanscape. malmö. sweden
004 mary miss studio. new york. usa
005 robert bowen. new york. usa
006 maya lin studio. new york. usa
007 jim denevan. california. usa


008 flexfence. lincoln. massachusetts. usa mikyoungkim
009 cementerio hörnli. riehen. switzerland vetschpartner landschaftsarchitekten ag
010 potemkin. park for post-industrial meditation. kuramata. japan casagrande & rintala
011 give peace a chance. montreal. canada linda covit & marie-claude séguin. cardinal hardy
012 circolare. ecole del rusco. bolonia. italy ciclostile architettura


solar artworks | nacho zamora

past projects

maria lai and her sardinia: playing with the art of landscape building cesarina siddi


beyond colours | grace mallea, soledad pinedo, pietro giannini and luna costantini


001 land art generator initiative 2010. masdar. abu dabi. united arab emirates
002 transmission lines desing. landsnet. reikiavik. iceland

university projects

001 in situ. reading and writing space. the story of an artistic experiment in the landscape. parís la villette

cult landscape

burning man

green section

azuma makoto

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