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international landscape architecture ideas contest. buñol castle area.

GALLERY of winners and finalists proposals ¡NEW 13/10/2011!
paisea review organises and announces an international landscape architecture ideas contest for professionals under 40 years of age, final year students, anonymous (with a title) in the Buñol castle area, Valencia, Spain.

collaborators: Official Association of Architects of the Valencian Autonomous Region, Association of Landscape Architects, UPV Higher School of Architecture of Valencia and Buñol Town Council.

sponsored: doubts: concurso@paisea.com

concept: This first edition will be about an intervention in the Buñol castle area. The material execution budget of reference is estimated at 140,000 euros, not including VAT and other costs. The project should provide a global solution for the entire castle area (both the existing open spaces within the walls and specific entrance areas.

participants: participation in the contest will be in teams or individual. It is an open contest and any team that has registered to participate will be able to do so, as long as they fulfil the following requirements: all members of the team must be under 40 years of age until the closing date for registration in the contest (31st May 2011 at 24:00 Spanish time); each team should include at least one professional with a degree in architecture, agricultural engineering, civil engineering, forester or landscape architecture, or a Masters degree in landscape architecture in any country or be enrolled in final course of any of these disciplines.

In the case of teams of students, each team must provide proof that on the date of registration in the contest, all its members are enrolled in a degree course in landscape architecture, architecture, agricultural engineering, civil engineering or a Masters course in landscape architecture. If a student is a member of a graduate group he/she must still provide proof of student status.

registration and presentation: The deadline for registration is 31st May 2011 at 24:00 Spanish time and the deadline for the presentation of projects will be 29th July 2011 (inclusive) at 14:00 Spanish time. In the Plaza conde del real, 1, 8, 46003 Valencia. Spain.


DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION COMPLETED. Proposals submitted listProposals submitted final list.

WINNERS AND FINALISTS. Winners and finalists. Award ceremony and exhibition of prizes and publication.
GALLERY of winners and finalists proposals ¡NEW 13/10/2011!

JURY ACT. Jury act I international landscape architecture contest <40 paisea. Buñol castle area


1st prize: 7,000 euros as well as the commission for the basic project and its execution, and where necessary project management and health and safety coordination. The prize money will be considered to form part of the corresponding fees.
2nd prize: 3,000 euros
3rd prize: 1,000 euros
4 special mentions: 500 euros each
The remaining 13 finalists will receive the GGili Scapes collection, along with a diploma proving finalist status.
The paisea review will publish the 20 projects judged to be finalists, in digital format, on its website.


Enric Batlle (landscaper selected by the contestants).
Joaquín Masmano. Mayor of Buñol or person delegated by him.
Vicente Silla. Municipal architect of Buñol Town Council.
Raúl Ramírez. Architect from the Heritage Service of the Regional Cultural Department (with the right to speak but not to vote).
Jaime García. Member of the paisea editorial team.
Flora Pescador. Member of the paisea advisory team.
Javier Rivera. Secretary, member of the paisea editorial team (with the right to speak but not to vote).

More information on the conditions.

contest documentation:

cartel (1.943 kb)

specific administrative conditions (147 kb)

specific technical conditions (64 kb)

planimetría (8.518 kb)

intervention area topographic plan (1.606 kb)

general topographic plan (1.581 kb)

photos (126.805 kb)

aerial photos (7.632 kb)

panoramic photos (3.5400 kb)

clarifications 06-04-2011 (23 kb)

clarifications (8 kb)

article – evolución urbanística de Buñol a lo largo de su historia (13.110 kb)

environment videos:

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