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I contest <40 paisea international landscape architecture ideas contest. buñol castle area.

The aim of this competition was to try to find a project which would provide a solution for the open spaces inside and around Buñol Castle, with a particular focus on the castle entrance points, as the design for these areas will be implemented thanks to a commitment made by Buñol Town Council. The designs were asked to respect the heritage of the site while at the same time creating features that would give the area a fresh, contemporary feel, in an entirely sustainable project which would require simple, low cost maintenance.

121 proposals were received from different parts of the world. Following exhaustive analysis by the jury, the 20 finalists featured here were selected.

The jury, formed by Joaquín Masmano, Mayor of Buñol, Enric Batlle, architect, Vicente Silla, municipal architect for Buñol Town Council, Flora Pescador, architect, Jaime García, architect, Raúl Ramírez, architect for the Heritage Section of the Regional Department of Culture, and Javier Rivera, architect, in the role of secretary, highlighted the following about the winning proposals:

First prize: entre elementos. The subtlety with which the proposal connects the castle to the rest of the town, bringing harmony – and even romance – to the transition while respecting the heritage of the site. Also, the way in which it finds the right approach in terms of its different treatments of water and materials, marking certain significant features on the route leading to the castle.

Second prize: back to white. Its interesting project system, based on the use of two clearly different materials, which helps it to find a correct solution to the problems posed by the area.

Third prize: in/out. The way the proposal physically marks the route through the castle, accompanying and resolving meetings while directing points of view.

The organisers would like to thank everybody for the high level of participation and interest in the competition, and we hope that this exhibition will be a step on the road towards the built reality of the new entrances to Buñol Castle, carried out by a young team of landscape architects.



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