Additional information PS#12_Hunter’s Point South

Friday 28, May 2021

Additional information PS#12_Hunter’s Point South

Additional information about the authorship of the project that you ask us to report.

ARUP teamed with co-designers of the park, SWA/BALSLEY and WEISS/MANFREDI.

WEISS/MANFREDI’s noted Olympic Sculpture Park(Seattle) embodied the firm’s ongoing commitment to resilience and multi-disciplinary approach to design and Mayor Bloomberg’s visit to the Olympic Sculpture Park was a catalyst, as he wanted a similar project in NYC as did Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden who was also familiar with the Olympic Sculpture Park.

An added dimension was Marion Weiss and Michael Manfredi’s well known academic studios over the last decade at Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale that were based around research on new modes of designing for resilience and for rising sea levels.


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