Winners Metropolitan Forest Competition

Tuesday 19, January 2021

Winners Metropolitan Forest Competition. Madrid. Spain

The role of the Metropolitan Forest in the territorial rebalancing is of great relevance since it aims to significantly benefit the districts and municipalities of the south and improve the health of the citizens of the capital.

The jury has highlighted the important work of the set of proposals and they have insisted that, once the winners are chosen, a process is started to develop the project in each lot with uncertainties that will gradually modify the winning proposals as they have been formulated in the contest, derived from the ownership of the land and the needs of agreement with urban development agents and with society as a whole.

The topics that have been debated in the deliberation sessions will be deepened, such as the role of equipment, location, innovation in management, the role of peri-urban agriculture, soil recovery techniques, vegetation, and water management o the connectivities to guarantee the access of the population from the neighborhoods and the connection between municipalities.


Lote 1. Corona noroeste. Entre montes naturales. The winning proposal was ‘Tiempo de silencio’. Authors.- UTE Volterra Ecosystems S.L. + LOLA Landscape Architects B.V., represented by Seven Kallen.

Lote 2. Corona noreste. Uniendo parques urbanos. The winning proposal was ‘Efecto mariposa’. Authors.- UTE Climent-Climent-Navascués-ARZV, represented by Luis Climent Rosillo.

Lote 3. Corona sureste. El anillo verde del sureste. The winning proposal was ‘A flor de yeso’. Authors.- UTE Uxama ingeniería Y Arquitectura S.L.P.U, Gestión Integral del Suelo S.L. y Eslava Y Tejada Arquitectos S.L., represented by David Gistau Cosculluela.

Lote 4. Corona sur. The winning proposal was ‘Manantial sur infraestructura regenerada’. Authors.- Alday Jover Arquitectos S.L.P., represented by Iñaki Alday Sanz.

Lote 5. Corona suroeste. El anillo metropolitano. The winning proposal was ‘Del Manzanares a Guadarrama’. Authors.- Rubio Arquitectura S.L.P., represented by Carlos Rubio Carvajal.

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