Course Introduction to the Landscape Project

Tuesday 11, June 2019

Summer course Introduction to the Landscape Project. Vitoria. Spain.

From ancestral times, the human being has transformed the territory and modeled the landscape according to their needs. However, for a few decades now, these transformations and the occupation of land have unleashed great alterations both in the natural and anthropic dynamics of the territory and in the production and consumption model.

This course pursues a holistic approach to analysis, interpretation, assessment and management of the landscape, which provides basic knowledge and criteria for intervention in the territory. Likewise, the landscape project is presented as one of the tools for adapting to a new type of individual-territory relations and for mitigating current problems such as, for example, climate change.

On the other hand, and faced with the context of an uncertain future, the aim is to internalize the urgency and the need to provide resilient and sustainable territorial management responses; from coherence, transversality, collaboration and the interrelation between anthropic and ecological systems, through the landscape project and the so-called green infrastructure.

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