Cycle Espace(s) Public(s)

Monday 7, May 2018

Cycle Espace(s) Public(s), Toulouse, France

After the success of the first editions that allowed debating with exciting interventions (Richard Sennett, Olivier Mongin, Christian Devillers, Joan Busquets, Ariella Masboungi, Jean-Pierre Charbonneau, Eric Alonzo, Marie-Christine Jaillet, …) we continue giving the floor to the most qualified experts to address the issue of public space / public spaces associating all eyes.

June 14, 2018. Under the artistic eye: Jean Blaise, Alexandre Field

June 15, 2018. Under the philosophical gaze: Augustin Berque, Cynthia Ghorra-Gobin

September 20, 2018. Under the historical eye: Nicolas Offenstadt, Pascale Pichon, Laure Ortiz

September 21, 2018. Under the sociological gaze: Pascal Amphoux, Jean-Paul Thibaut

November 22, 2018. Under the technical eye: Bernard Landau, Olga Tarasso, Pierre-Alain Trevelo

November 23, 2018. Under the political gaze: Jean-Yves Chapuis, Medy Sejai, Coloco, Gregory Kalfleche

January 24, 2019. Under the look of the landscape: Christophe Delmar, Michel Desvignes, Philippe Deliau

January 25, 2019. Under the eye of the architect: Jan Gehl, Nicolas Soulier


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