IFLA Europe Young Landscape Architects Competition Winners

Friday 15, December 2017

IFLA Europe Young Landscape Architects Competition Winners

Dear youth competition appliers and friends, we are glad to announce the winners of the edition 2017 in the two categories A and B:

– Category A (conceptual projects, ideas): CLIMATE CHANGE AND URBAN RESILIENCE / A new park along the final part of the Aniene River in Rome.

The park project, which is the subject of my master thesis, investigates the environmental risks mitigation and climate changes adaptation. In particular, it refers to danger situations both in urban and extra urban areas, due to the problems connected to flood risk and extreme weather events.

The area I have considered is the Natural Reserve of Aniene Valley and the stretch of the river that crosses the city of Rome, between the GRA and its confluence with the Tiber River. This is a notoriously area prone to repeated and increasingly frequent flooding.

The project purpose is to develop a capable system to provide the whole area a better place to live in, in order to make possible the use of the resource water, without neglecting safety in case of extreme natural events. That’s why the recovery of ecological quality and the upgrading of urban, extra-urban and rural areas near the river, represent useful planning opportunities to create new spaces, capable to provide both renewed recreational and regenerated ecosystem functions.

– Category B (realized projects): People? An installation pointing to unused and fenced-off spaces within the city, left to decay, or thriving of nature.

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