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Wednesday 22, November 2017

Article 02, paisea 032. The parc dels colors. A collective vision of ruin | David Vegara Rodríguez, Jaume Puchalt Lacal

Mollet del Vallés is one of the satellite cities that orbit the metropolitan area of Barcelona. Originally a village of large farmhouses it has now become home to immigrants in search of prosperity. During the later part of the Franco era after the expropriation of property in the village of Gallecs in the very heart of the area, it was envisaged that the city would grow to reach half a million inhabitants. This colonization however was successfully opposed and the growth was limited to the areas of Plana Lledó, Santa Rosa and a third, new district. What eventually arose were three districts, three urban zones, three social environments, and in between, a space ripe with possibilities, the place asigned to Enric Miralles to develope the proyect.

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