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Thursday 16, November 2017

Article 01, paisea 032. Transformative parks | Bargmann, Goula, Hellström, Hill, Moran, Stadlbauer, Taipale, Zahonero

This article is a collaborative work focused on the critical question of whether new types of contemporary public parks can emerge from designers’ engagement with dynamic processes. Rather than giving prominence to the exclusive use of stable patterns of landform and vegetation that largely have characterized past parks, we are interested in the lessons learned from practices trying to conflate theories of aesthetic experience with ecosystem dynamics in order to influence urban trends and climate change. Our compilation of texts highlights questions and recognizes scenarios of conflict and opportunity. We describe places and sites where a temporal dimension accentuates or dramatizes socio-material sensitivities, and where a dynamic condition generates more or less informal commons and wildlands, or in other words, emergent parks taking into consideration the limits of human control.

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