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Thursday 26, October 2017

Article 02, paisea 031. Lawrence Halprin. Landscape in motion | Elisabet Quintana, Javier Rivera

“From my point of view, the most beautiful and attractive cities are those whose links through the streets, passing by the fountains and squares, rivers and the different neighbourhoods, provide intense and profound experiences.” Lawrence Halprin


Much has been written about the work of landscape architect Lawrence Halprin. If one were to identify one concept as being preeminent in his way of viewing the landscape it would be movement. Halprin thus proposes movement in the landscape: a choreography of the landscape project, with an experience of place as changing and polyform, compared to the established way of understanding a landscape project (in the beaux arts academic tradition) with the generalization of an axial perspective, a static and fixedpoint of view, and a definite experience of the place. Through this strategy, the concept of movement in the work of Lawrence Halprin represents his way of creating the place. Movement presents a new use of space orchestrated by the users and their participation in the same project. The dynamism of the landscape itself generates a changing ecological process, achieved through the concatenation of open spaces,creating a new green system.

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