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Thursday 30, March 2017

Article 02, paisea 027. Representation and Project | Matteo Zamagni

What role does representation play in a landscape project?
This question, seemingly simple, in fact requires a reflection that involves disciplines such as aesthetics, perceptual psychology and semiology. A reflection that exceeds the amplitude of these lines. Since the author is a young landscape architect, it seems wiser to avoid speculative juggling and try to answer through an opinion based, to a great extent, on some readings and on many architectural competitions. Thus, the response will be brazenly partial, intuitive and hopefully free of gratuitous pretensions. The basic premise of the response to this question is a recognition that both the landscape and its representation are complex concepts, both polysemic, intertwined by the same creative act that develops during the perception.

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paisea 027 [representation 2], available in digital edition HERE


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