Play landscape be-MINE, Beringen

Monday 24, October 2016

Play landscape be-MINE, Beringen (BE)

Play landscape be-MINE. Beringen, Belgium

The team of Carve and Omgeving (design) and Krinkels (building) won the international competition to design an adventurous play-scape and landmark on a ‘terril’ in Beringen, Belgium, in January 2015. The adventure mountain is part of the touristic-recreative project be-MINE, that aims to breathe new life into the monumental coal mining site in Beringen, the largest industrial-archeological site in Flanders. The former mining city asked to add new function to the 60 meter high rubble mountain, and to redevelop the old industrial buildings into a cultural hotspot where its history can be experienced in a playful way.





Design team Omgeving: Luc Wallays, Maarten Moers, Peter Swyngedauw, Ada Barbu, Tom Beyaert
Design team Carve: Elger Blitz, Mark van der Eng, Jasper van der Schaaf, Hannah Schubert, Joe Müller, Clément Gay
Date of design: January 2015
Date of completion: September 2016
Masterplan Avonturenberg: Antea Group
Main contractor: Krinkels
Sub contractors: Van Vliet BV, IJreka BV
Size: 10.060 m2 (of which 5200m2 pole forest, 1200m2 concrete play surface, 1200m2 coal square)

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