Opening 9th Landscape Biennial

Tuesday 27, September 2016

Opening 9th Landscape Biennial

Opening 9th International Landscape Biennial. Barcelona, Spain.

On September 28th, as an opening activity of the International Biennial of Landscape of Barcelona, the cathedral square will be covered with an ephemeral landscape composed of more than 8,000 plants.

And by “ephemeral” we mean that on that day at 7 pm we give a plant to each and every one of the attendees, who will now have the power to take that piece of landscape anywhere they want in the city. Some of them might leave the plant in a place where they would like to see a park. Some children might place it where they would like to have swings and slides. The elderly might even leave them at a spot where they believe they lack accessibility. The power to decide where and why you would like to leave a plant will be entirely in your hands.

And that way we will all play a game to design our everyday landscapes (#fempaisatge, let’s make landscapes!).


+info: HERE

Biennial Program HERE


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