Article 02.018

Wednesday 27, July 2016

Article 02.018

Article 02, paisea 018. Solar artworks | Nacho Zamora

Our society is becoming more developed and there are clear signs that there is a need for a change in model that shows more respect for the environment. Art and architecture cannot be separated from their historical context and are expressed through works that illustrate this movement towards the future. Also, the creation and subsequent development of sustainable production materials and new technologies in the field of renewable energy offers us an attractive set of tools which allow us to experiment with new possibilities and resources.


Solar artworks exploit this wealth of possibilities. We find projects that are difficult to formally profile within a particular speciality. The creators of solar artworks have a background in a range of disciplines, connecting us to art, architecture, design and engineering. These projects are a result of the hybridisation of human knowledge.

Solar artworks bring an attractive appearance to the place where the projects are developed and, at the same time, make use of their capacity to generate solar energy. They all contain a common message from their creators about the need for social change towards a more sustainable model of development.

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