Article 01.017

Thursday 7, July 2016

Article 01.017

Article 01, paisea 017. Central? urban? ecological? continuous? | Enric Batlle

In the editorial of the second issue of PAISEA, which focused on the subject of urban parks, the following definition was made: “We can define an urban park as being a reasonably sized space which introduces an element of vegetation into the city and allows us to move around and spend our free time in the open air. A place where we can come closer to nature in the middle of an urban environment.” A few years later, this article is introducing a second issue of PAISEA on the same subject. The above-mentioned definition and my present thoughts on urban parks have led me to approach the article with the following questions.

Urban parks were born in the 19th century, when it became evident that it was necessary to reintroduce nature to cities which had grown too much and had become separated from the natural landscapes that were previously to be found right on their edges. From the conversion of London’s royal parks into public parks to the creation of Central Park in New York, every city wanted its own park, like Barcelona with Josep Fontseré’s Ciudadela Park, or Amsterdam with the Voldelpark in 1896.


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