PJLab Summer workshop

Monday 22, June 2015

Summer workshop PJLab

PJLab Summer workshop: Risco de los Dineros. Ávila, Spain

The SUMMER WORKSHOP length is of three weeks and is divided in three phases (they may overlap depending in the development of the course). Over the workshop, the enrolled participants will be able to build the wining proposal from the first day of the workshop following the phases below:

– Writing of the execution project and review of the preliminary designs to get the pieces and components to be assembled (with the assistance of the workshop’s profesors).
– Production and fabrication at the workshop of the different components to build the proposal with the lent material by the collaborator brands (to be held in the installations of the workshop Carlos de Dompablo in Las Navas del Marqués).
– Transport and assembling of components at the chosen location and celebration of the completion with a final rediscovery of the proposal integrated in the environment in the edition PJLab 2015.


To get the most of the three intense weeks of summer, PJLab is arranging housing for the participants at the installations of the Municipal Sport Centre lent for that purpose with the addition of a strong breakfast to meet the challenges of the day.

PJLab understands that with this activity it will be completed the target of its existence: to encourage the experience of the participants in the workshop regarding the material construction of an artificial scope by itself and the direct intervention on the place changing its perceptive conditions from the starting point.

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