Landscape Reading Methodologies

Monday 1, June 2015

Landscape Reading Methodologies

Workshop on Landscape Reading Methodologies. Guimarães, Portugal

The workshop on Landscape Reading methodologies intends to bring together specialists in landscape reading methodologies from a diversified set of research fields like archeology, geography, history, forestry, environemntal sciences, landscape design just to mention a few. The objective is to promote an in-depth debate over the state of the art of landscape reading and its applications for devising sustainable resource management practices, as well as the constraints faced by researchers in the field.

The workshop is organized over a two day period. Each day will start with a one-hour presentation by a keynote speaker, followed by three sessions for presenting papers: one session in the morning period and two sessions in the afternoon. Each paper presenter will have 20 minutes for presenting his/her work and one of the keynote speakers will be in charge of discussing the paper. In total 18 papers will be accepted for presentation.



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