Mediterranean Sea Club Ibiza

Thursday 21, May 2015

Mediterranean Sea Club Ibiza

Mediterranean Sea Club (MESC) Ibiza Competition

The objective of the Mediterranean Sea Club (MESC) Ibiza competition for students of architecture and young architects is to produce a new leisure model on the fragile and unique coast of this Mediterranean island.

The idea is for the MESC to become an alternative to the tourism currently offered by the island, and making it possible to rethink how to occupy the Mediterranean coast.

Its location half way between the coastal line and the ocean-surface, will provide different opportunities for relaxation and leisure activities that will little by little become another attraction for visitors to the island.

Swimming, sunsets, gastronomy, aquatic sports… will be part of what the MESC will offer its visitors.

The proposal must meet the demands and needs of island residents as well as visitors, paying special attention to sustainability and the environment, while allowing visitors to relax and enjoy themselves.

The MESC will offer a new public space for recreation, with different possibilities for its use, in which diverse leisure activities can take place. A place that will attract visitors and invite people to swim, take part in aquatic sports, rest or simply socialize. A place where the unexpected is possible.

The Mediterranean Sea Club (MESC) wants to become another tourism reference on the Pityusic island.


+info: arquideas website


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