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This is a workshop on land in Sardinia.

Students we adress are students in design, landscape architecture, architecture, fine arts, environmental sciences or young graduated who have just finished their studies as during the workshop they will REALIZE landscape and landart installations in site.

The cost is for estudents 700€ this includes: all, accademic, transports in Sardinia, food (breakfast, pocket lunch, dinner) and accomodation. The accomodation is of course simple, in dormitories and hostels.

The students get presented the first evening the different sites and the “group leaders” and their approaches to the theme and then select the team they want to join (first, second, third choice), then they will get seperated in groups and will work the rest of the week under the direction of their “group leader” to realize a landscape or landart intervention on a specific site. There is a interim meeting of all groups planned an a final presentation, so all students will see all sites and the work of the others. Some evening lectures will be organized after the hard physical work of the day.

Your students in theory can apply until April 30th, but I strongly recomand that they apply as soon as possible, otherwise they will not find economic flights to Italy and we have only 10 more free places, as we have many participation for this year.

During the days of the workshop students will NOT have the opportunity visit Sardinia (except the areas they work), so who wants to profit for that should do this before or after the workshop.

Professors are invited to join to document the activity and in particular to join the final presentation day (June 1st). They will NOT work with their students during the workshop. Contrary to the students they may visit the island during the week if the want to stay. Depending on where they stay, the accomodation cost for professors is about 1.000 €.

-For all further details and help of reservation:

-There is a first documentation about last years and this years workshop on site:

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