p-public. international meeting about public space

Monday 28, March 2011

international meeting of emerging professionals concerning public space / life and voluntary initiatives. Chania, Crete 3-6 June 2011. p_public is open to all and admission is free.

Following last year’s p_public’s success, the Architects’ Association of Chania organizes this year a festival referring to public space. Its basic core consists of a two-day talks and presentations at the Center for Mediterranean Architecture in Chania, from creative teams and young architects from Greece and abroad. Similarly, a series of events and visual installations in the city of Chania aspire to change temporarily or permanently, the urban, natural and designed landscape of the city.

The problems and debates around public space have intensified in recent years, approaching different scientific communities and perspectives. It is generally believed that public space is a key part of the city. However, most people seem to ignore that goes beyond the boundaries of their property and the current leading authority is unable to reverse this dynamic. Is it therefore the designation ‘public’ real, or does it merely provide what is left from private space?

Here you can see the proposals 2010 p-public.
more info www.p-public.gr

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