Expo 2023 Competition

Sunday 21, July 2019

International Ideas Competition Expo 2023: «Public Space, Boulevard and Bridge». Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The object of the contest is the design of a public space that, at the end of the Expo, will become a large park of science and knowledge.

It is a large boulevard, 140 meters wide and 800 meters long, which organizes the Masterplan, locating, to its sides, all the pavilions of the Expo and, in its route, the rest of the activities of the same. The boulevard should be conceived as a public space that organizes the flow of visitors and directs them towards the accesses of the different activities. In turn, it must continue on a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists that crosses General Paz Avenue and connects the site, located on the border of the Province of Buenos Aires, with the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The meeting between the boulevard and the bridge will mark the main access of Expo 2023.

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