Conference Thinking of Smart Worlds

Thursday 23, May 2019

Conference PROJAR: Green infrastructure and landscape «Thinking of Smart Worlds». Madrid. Spain.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019.

In the search for sustainability, efficiency and resilience, the tendency to integrate nature and society is consolidated considering its processes as key elements in the management of the territory, urbanism and architecture. The Smart concept takes root with force and the advances in environmental sciences, in information technologies and in the transforming capacity of the territory make the concept of a Smart World increasingly close and real.

In this context, the concept of ‘green infrastructure’, in its broadest and most technical sense, refers to the restoration, intensification, maintenance and connection of natural processes. And although at the moment it only begins to be applied to a very local scale of the territory, the green infrastructure begins to put nature at the center of its conception.

We will analyze this and other issues defining some of the elements that can be addressed from ecology, landscape and land management and planning: SUDS, landscaped roofs, public participation, landscaping … We will look for viable solutions and we will try to generate and address new issues.

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