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paisea is a broad group of people of different professions but of similar sensibilities who share a place on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and who, thanks to the common interest in the landscape and its different manifestation forms, have embarked on this editorial adventure.

In these days the land is undergoing processes of profound change and growth, accelerated by the great socioeconomic transformation of our ways of life, aggravated by the enormous urban pressure and the increasing motorized mobility. This development, apparently infinite, puts into danger a great part of the inherited landscapes, making them progressively lose their image, their colour, their texture, their aroma, their identity.

Facing this we would like to open a window to an emergent sensibility which tries to revaluate mentioned parameters, comprehending the limitation of our natural resources, the importance of other living species and the weight of time as a variable in the process of the project. We would like to work on the diffusion of the different forms of dealing with the landscape in a sophisticated way as well as of the arguments for its sustainability and enrichment.

We do not understand the different (built) landscapes to be static, stagnated, museum-like, schematised or without life. It is their progress, innovation and modernism we count on, believing that they are the fruit of the society that produces them and an artistic expression of their time.

This possible reorientation for the interventions in the landscape is put up for discussion by a series of monographics, these will go on showing interventions and reflections that should make us reconsider the hitherto maintained relation to our landscape and the ways of acting and thinking about it.

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