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Zinio Coupon Tool Test Page(Fields
* are required.)This page is intended as a model to help you understand
how Zinio’s coupon tool works.
It represents Paisea’s Web-based payment
form.In that case, clicking «Buy» would both enter the subscriber’s order
in your database,

as well as make an «http request» to Zinio’s server. The «coupon» URL that
is returned allows

the authorized subscriber to retrieve his or her issue immediately from
Zino’s Web site.

How to use this page:

  1. Enter the required information below, some of which will be provided
    to you by yourZinio Account Manager, and then click «Buy».
  2. You should receive a URL — a «coupon» — that looks something
    like this: This is the link that
    you wouldprovide to the subscriber.
  3. Cut and paste the link into your browser to simulate the subscriber’s
    experience inretrieving the issue.

Please refer to companion documents or speak with your Zinio Account Manager
for further details.



Login Information — Who is making the coupon request?
by Zinio)
* Login login
* Password pwd

Information — What issue or issues is the coupon good for?
by Zinio)
* ISSN issn
* Offer

Information — Filled by the reader to perform the payment to Paisea
Email reader_email

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