acma workshop. Lisa Diedrich – Monika Gora

jueves 5, abril 2012

On Site / Light Volumes: Art and Landscape. En Milan del 9 al 13 de Mayo de 2012 por Lisa Diedrich y Monika Gora.

In times of uncertain economy smaller locally supported acupuncture-like interventions seem a realistic way for enticing landscape transformation, without pretending to solve all structural big scale issues at stake but claiming that appropriation and empowerment on site are a first step. Bodily experience provides an immediate – and unmediated – insight into the area and leads to another form of site knowledge than the study of maps and diagrams. The focus of the design project is the exploration of the place in order to sketch out interventions, light volumes that are able to initiate landscape change in a modest and site-specific way: a work of sculpting the landscape as volume – bodily volumes or volumes of light, bodily experiences or volumes of thought. The creative form of site analysis is based on the formulation of problems as narratives and elaboration of a design project as light intervention with strong relationships to socio-cultural and geographical contexts.

ACTIVITIES / PROGRAM The workshop includes a series of theoretical daily contributions (lessons of the teacher), a phase of experience in the project area, debates and presentation of proposals.

REGISTRATION The workshop is an intensive course in upgrading and updating addressed for students and graduates of technical and scientific disciplines related to land planning and management (architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, environmental sciences, natural sciences, agricultural sciences and forestry , cultural heritage, anthropology, sociology, urban planning, science policy and planning etc) and in the disciplines of visual arts. Requires medium technical bases on photographic. Entries will be collected until the maximum number of participants.

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